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"A 'real' thriller"

"Shadow Code has changed the way I think about social media"

What do you do if you find someone inside your network?

Clive works out that someone has attacked his. He sets out to discover what they're doing - and how to stop it.

They, however, want to stop him before he can expose the truth.

  1. BOOK - Order from any good book store. For ordering Shadow Code, by Mike Hawkes, you might need to use the ISBN: 978-1-78926-211-7 - or buy on Amazon (see link above)
  2. E-BOOK - (ISBN: 978-1-78926-212-4) Avalable for Apple devices, Kindle, Nook and all common electronic devices. Most provide a sample too.

Readers say ...


Big Brother?

"I think of Big Brother when reading this, but instead of it being created by a single entity, we're all actively contributing to it's creation."



"Just finished reading this book and Absolutely loved it.
It's clever, witty and the technical side of the book does not bamboozle you, I'm a total computer novice and I was fine.
A Highly recommended read."



"That bit with the woman coming into the conference really starts the hairs coming up on the back of your neck."

I built a 'box of tricks' because the intelligence community and banks didn't believe me. They said it wasn't possible to do the things I discussed when presenting at conferences. A good friend had said (to me complaining about the lack of concern about data abuse, privacy, and security) 'Hit them in the face with a brick - show them the thing working and scare them to death' .

Travelling back from one of the first presentations where I used this box, I decided to write Shadow Code to show what is possible. I leave it to the reader to decide which parts are real - it's fiction - but very much based on fact.

The processes and mechanisms all come from real expeiences too. Despite blowing up part of Crewe (sorry about that), the characters in Shadow Code explore how the abuse of data in the virtual world has very real impact in the physical world.

When an intelligence agency approached me with a view to buying my magic box, I had a choice: sell and stay quiet, or write a book and tell the world how they can use your data to control and destroy you.

Mike Hawkes

Author: Shadow Code.
P.S. Not the author in the photo!


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